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He Hello,

I want to use interactive video for marketresearch. For that readson I want to collect the mail-adress and name in the interactive video. I use the Wordpress plugin : 'H5PxAPIkatchu' for collecting the data. I don't see any possiblity to do this. Is there any other content-type I overlook or any other possiblity to combine these things?  The output of the interactive video and the data should stay together.

Thanks, Daan


Data output in interactive video
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Hi Daan!

H5PxAPIkatchu can only collect data that WordPress and H5P know, of course. If the users are not logged in to WordPress, there's no way to know their email addresses or names.

H5P Interactive Video and other content types do not offer to collect email addresses either (and probably won't as they are intended to work in an an educational scenario). You'll have to customize WordPress or/and H5P.