"Free choice" questions


I was wondering if it's possible to create "free choice" questions, or open questions with H5P; for example "what is the capital of Spain?" and you have to answer "Madrid" but you're given no possible answer, so it's up to you to give the right answer. Then it could be checked with the correct answer which stays hidden.

Thanks a lot for this great tool!!!!

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That's a great suggestion :)

If you make a post in the feature request forum: 


detailing it should work, hopefully a developer from the community will pick it up. 

P.S. Papi jo's comment below might be what you're looking for

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That's what the Fill in the blanks activity does! What more do you want?

thanks for the hint, I was looking for that, but couldn't see it for myself, too easy :) 

thanks again, you made my day