Picture answers to questions.

Dear Community,

Having used the various types of quesitons for content creation on my website, i cant seem to get any of the questions to be anserwed with a picture. 

This is particularly important in the medical field as when dealing with more complex topics a picture is so much easier to provide an explaination that sinks in and is immediately understandable. 

Am i missing something? is this possible ? and if not please can someone look into making this happen.


Picture answers to questions
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Hi cyberspaceman,

The closest I cant think of is to use Drag and Drop in conjunction with text in Course Presentation.


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I second and third and more the option for having images (one or more than one) as answer choices. In the medical field, we use image based questions a lot. Is there any plan on adding this functionality?

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Hi maxlibris,

I'm afraid the answer is no, not yet from the core team at least. The core team sometimes develops a feature requests depending on the need from the community or if funding is available. The good news is that H5P is open source so anyone in the community can add the feature.