Moodle - H5P behaviour change on 'Save and display'

Current H5P plugin version: 2019031301
Version before update: 2018012200

Moodle version: 3.5.2.

Browser: Google Chrome

We updated the Moodle H5P Plugin to 2019031301.
After creating a H5P exercise you can either choose 'Save and return to course page' or 'Save and Display'.
Before updating the plugin the behaviour was as expected so chosing the second option it would display.
After the update 'Save and Display' also returns to the course page and does not display the H5P exercise as it would before.

Did something change in the plugin?

Peter Jonker

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for reporting this I created a bug report and you can follow the progress here.


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Hi Peter!

It seems there's a fix already that simply has not yet been released. I assume it's safe to patch a moodle system that way if the upcoming release contains the solution anyway.

Update: In fact, the update to version 1.18 of the moodle plugin that was released today solves the issue :-)