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Hello, I've seen the new features (Reuse > Download/Copy content) and it sounds to be awesome, but I have a problem: unlike what I read (, it seems I can't neither "copy a Multiple Choice from an Interactive Video, and paste it into an already existing Course Presentation" nor "do the same for a standalone Multiple Choice". Pretty sure I misunderstood something.

Anyway, real case ( I'm revising a Question Set (QS) with too much stuff inside (True/False, MC, D&D, Fill the Blanks and another D&D). It'd be better to split it into more learning activities: 1 QS with True/False and MC, and 3 different "objects": 1 D&D, 1 Fill the Blanks and 1 final D&D.

Assuming I can do in QS what I've read in the above mentioned example about Interactive Video, this is what I did:

  • I went into my WordPress site, H5P Content Add New... and there I created a(n empty) Fill the Blanks.
  • Here, I pasted the content I had copied from QS (Reuse > Copy content; but I'm afraid I had copied the entire QS content).
  • Eventually, I found out the my content type was changed from Fill the Blanks to Question Set (that is the same "object" I would have obtained uploading a downloaded .h5p file, instead of creating a new one).


So, where am I wrong?

  • Can I copy just one piece of (and not the entire) content? If yes, how?
  • How is it that pasting the content I've copied the content type was changed from one (FTB) to another (QS)?

Thank you


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Hi akud,

For stand alone contents there is only one copy/paste button which is located just below the title. For more complicated content types there is a copy/paste button for the whole content and a separate copy/paste button which depends on which content you are copying from. In your case the copy/paste button for the FTB, D&D etc. is located on the right side of the editor for that specific content. I've attached screenshots to better explain this.

For your second question I assume you used the copy button for QS not FTB.