#hopeSpeech-Workshop | Edgecasing h5p



Dear All,

I want to share with you our work with h5p. It's maybe kind of an edgecase for the usage of h5p or even beyond it.

We used h5p for a kind of mooc for adults and adolescents. To navigate I added 3 symbols on every slide to jump between the 3 main menus.

I'd remindes me of the the dirty way I created my first html websites back then.

The hole thing is in german and is facing hateSpeech from a christian Point of view. The Mooc ("Begleitkurs") is for our multipliers to learn to keep the workshop. The second h5p Module is just a presentation, they can use keeping the workshop...

If you have feedback for me, I'm happy to hear from you.





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Hi Timo,

Well Done! The lay out of the Course Presentation is very neat although I cannot check the context since I do not know German :-).

Please double check your anchors for slide 2,17 and 18 on the first activity they are not working on my side. Also if you can have the banner auto hide or make it a bit smaller since it overlaps the presentation (attached screenshot).


Hey BV52,

thanks for the feedback. I corrected the anchors

. This is one of the complexities I faced handeling h5p. Everytime I edit the textfield (corrections, etc.) in the same area it will come to the foreground...

Can you tell me your Operating system and the browser you used to display our website?
I thought we have fixed the header issue for the most systems...





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Hi Timo,

I'm using a macOS Sierra V 10.12.6 and Chrome Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit). This could also be because of the screen resolution but as much as I would like to test it for you if I change my resolution it will re-arrange my desktop icons (I have a ton of them). My screen resolution is 1440x900.