Realtime / livereload updates to course presentation

Hello All,

I've come across a use case that would be great to see implemented.

I have a live video (from youtube or an embed of some other live player) - I would like to add quizzes, text popups, overlays etc., as the live event continues.

The YouTube live player embeds properly, it would just be a matter of adding some sort of live reload system that would update the content in the node (but not the node or page itself).

So in the case of the screenshot attached, the video would continue playing and the node editor could replace the question on the right hand side of the video. The editing/replacing of content should be seemless to the end user.

Thanks for your time :)

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That would be such a great improvement. Let's see if a developer from the community would like to tackle it. I immediately see how it could be used in live-streamed lectures :)