Hi, guys. I have a suggestion which I think could be easy to implement and very popular.

Create sequence of interactive videos where the Adaptivity setting (correct/incorrect) allows to seek to time stamp on a different video. Currently it can only be done within the same video. 

For example:

1. Start playing Video 1 at 0:30

2. Fill blanks (cloze) question at 0:35 

3. Correct answer seeks to Video 2 at 0:10 / Incorrect seeks to Video 3 at 1:40

4. Etc.

This way, users could take several Youtube videos and play only the clips they want, creating a kind of storyline.

Imagine a storyline discussing Trump quotes or particular news topics. The creator could create a storyline with several Youtube videos in a sequence, with questions (or without questions if desired, simply playing the fragment of interest, e.g. 0:10 - 0:15 then automatically loading the next video in the sequence). The Branching type is not so good if you only want to play a part of a longer video.

I think this would be a popular feature, and I would imagine you already have most of the coding done for that.

Keep up the amazing work!

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Hi skyeman,

Thank you for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.