Is there a way to disable the auto-size in the Moodle H5P plugin?

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I wanted to know if there was a way to Is there a way to disable the auto-sizing that occurs directly in the Moodle H5P plugin?

We typically use the H5P plugin in Moodle to create an activity and then we embed that activity somewhere else (like in a lesson). Then we remove the resize script to keep the activity iframe as the exact dimensions we wish it to be at.

However, we have a teachers that created an a few H5P drag and drop activities and she wants her students to go directly into the H5P Moodle activity and complete it for credit. The problem is, since they're going right into the activity directly, we cannot remove that script that would appear when we use the embed code. 

This causes the activity to stretch across the page on wider monitors making it very difficult to do the activity -- students need to adjust their browser window for each activity:

View from a desktop wide screen monitor: 


View of the actual size set in the H5P sessions during content creation:


Anyway to get the H5P activity to respect the width set in the H5P activity settings? Maybe a setting I have overlooked? thanks,