interactive video not recognizing mp4 format anymore


in moodle 3.6, h5p latest release, interacive video content, it worked fine up to this morning when no mp4 files made available through a link to the moodle streaming repository woudl be recognized. The video opens with a "video format unsupported" message on a black rectangle. The problem affects every mp4 file video available on site. I tried to create new content with same file but to no avail. However donloading the file and playing it on my desktop work with every possible player I could think of. Trying to upload the file directly into IV doesn't work either, there will be a red notice saying the contentId parameter is missing.

Technical staff suggest it might be a remote problem as nothing has been recently changed at this end.

In the middle of a course, approaching exams makes students really nervous. 

Please, any suggestions or help out of this mud?

Many thanks


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I am posting the frst reply to my own post, asking where is the topic I just opened? It doesn't see to be on this forum.....

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Hi Adriano,

Please see my answer here.