Course Presentation - Proceed only if answered correctly

Is there a clever way to create a course presentation with multiple choice quizzes so that the users can only navigate through the presentation if they correctly answer the questions?

I have removed the navigation controls to the end user, so active surface mode is activated.

My current method is to place an invisible "Go to slide" in the presentation to align with feedback for the correct answer.

This is risky due to the nature of different browsers etc, and students will get stuck if the "go to slide" link does not line up.

Does anyone have a better more robust way to do this?

See the attached images for an example



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Hi Robyn,

I'm afraid this is not possible but maybe you can experiment with the new Branching Scenario. It doesn't give you the exact feature of only letting the students mve forward with correct answers but it is closer than what a stand-alone Course Presentation can offer.

Please note that Branching Scenario is still in beta phase and there might still be some bugs here and there.