h5p composite


We often use sets of h5p contents together (e.g., an interactive video + an Accordion + a course presentation) in such a way to cover a micro-skill.

We would like to associate these serie of h5ps components together, in a h5p composite to be able to share them easily, e.g. to download and upload them together in a LMS platform.

It could also be usefull to address them globally (and not content per content) and install them as eg., an iframe.

Is there any way to manipulate these components together ? Is the new branching scenario is or will be able to integrate other h5p composents ?


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Hi Laurent,

The branching scenario is designed to give users experiences depending on their choices. In terms of downloading and uploading it is currently limited to frameworks that have an H5P plugin or if you sign up for H5P.com. Inserting it as an IFrame is also possible but you will not get analytics and scores.

I hope this answers your question if you need further clarification feel free to post your comment.


Hi BV52, Thanks for your reply.



Hi BV52, Thanks for your reply.