special drop down behaviour



I’d like to a particular behaviour of drop boxes.

I have 2 drop down boxes placed on a background image.

Drop downs have the same options:


  • London
  • Paris
  • New York
  • Boston


New York and Boston are so to speak „connected“. That means, if

somebody choose „New York“ in the drop down 1 it should be no longer

an option in drop down 2 and vice versa. Same goes for „Boston“.


The reacts according to the users choice…

Can that be done with h5p ?




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Hi Thore,

I'm not sure I follow which content type are you using?

If you are pertaining to Drag and Drop, this should be possible. By default the draggables can only be used once not unless you change it's setting to be dropped multiple times.


... makes sense... in order to let a drop down react on changes of other drop downs there need to be a special Javascript coding.

Do you have examples of drop downs set to be dropped multiple times....?


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Hi thore,

Here's a simple Drag and Drop that has draggables set to be dropped multiple times.

Specifically for your use case having the draggables "react on changes" this is not possible yet and you care correct there needs to be some changes to the code for this to happen.