Already existing h5p-activities in column

Dear H5p-community,

I have a question regarding the activity Column. I know that h5p-acivities are possible to download. However, is it possible to upload an h5p-acivity to column? For instance, uploading a Mark the Words-acivity into H5P column, instead of having to create everything from scratch. In other words, I would like to collect already existing h5p-acitivities in h5p-column?

If so, how does one do that?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



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Hi Sara,

There is a copy/paste feature for H5P contents (provided that they are supported by the parent content in your case Column).

To do this you need to have both the Column and the content to be copied in edit mode.

1. Copy the content you want to place in Column, the copy button is situated on the right side just above the title.


2. Click on paste inside the "content" editor in Column.