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I need a developer who can help me building my language learning site (WP/H5P) I need additional content types (e.g. cloze text with dropdowns).


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Creating an H5P could be done by any developer familiar with standard web technologies such as html, javascript and CSS. You could try using a service like e.g for finding a developer, or you could contact Joubel.


I tried hiring someone on freelancer never got any results lots my 50% down payment. ... do not pay before you see an actual working content types...

Or just have jouble develop it for you since they are the developers then you are in good hands..


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Jikes, I'm sorry you lost your down payment... :/


If you're still in need of a qualified developer I suggest that you search for an expert here: This freelance job board is commission-free and has thousands of freelancers' resumes and portfolios for you to consider. I'm sure that if you post the details of your project there you'll find a talented and experienced freelancer immediately. 

When hiring someone to make H5P customizations, what skills should I be requesting?  Front-end, back-end, full-stack, CSS, JS, HTML, HTML5 . . . ???  Any suggestions on what to say and what skills are needed?

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What kind of customizations do you have in mind?

The customizations are listed in this thread  Does that help?

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If you want scoring to be saved, you will need a full-stack developer (php).

The rest of your requests can be handled with someone well-versed in JS, CSS, HTML5 and Git. 

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Tim was quicker than me :-) I agree with him and have some further notes for you.

#1 is as easy as changing some CSS and/or adding one line of JavaScript, although this is only a minor obstacle if someone really wants to copy the text. There is no good way of preventing that, except maybe generating images dynamicalls - but then again, you could save and OCR them.

#2 should not impose real problems to someone who knows some JavaScript and HTML5. Just a question of diligence, I guess.

#3 might depend on what "mark for later review" means. Would it just mean to highlight that question as "I might want to think about this one again befor e submitting"? That's be simple. Does it mean something else?

#4 might also involve finding an appropriate 3rd party library for creating PDFs if you have something like this in mind.

#5 doesn't sound too complicated for someone who knows some JavaScript. Also, there's a library called H5P.Timer that would make things even easier, I guess.

Thank you Otacke and Tim for your feedback. 

Related to your question #3 above, yes, it would just allow the exam writer to review all questions marked before they submit their exam. 

The programmer I will hire will make these changes for my H5P WP plugin. My last questions are:

  • Do your answers change, given the fact that I want to use this only on WP an not on Joomula or Moodle, etc?
  • How do these changes remain with the general H5P updates?  Is it like a WP child theme, such that you make edits to the child theme but can still receive updates to the partent theme?
  • Once my programmer has implemented these changes, what is the process of letting H5P know to see if they want to use them for everyone else?  I suppose github would be the place for that.   

Thanks again!

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Then #3 could be as simple as changing the border color or something similar.

My answers remain the same. The content types don't contain any LMS specific code (to the best of my knowledge). This would undermine interoperability. However, your question is relevant since it touches what Tim mentiones. If you want to save scores, this saving will have to happen in the LMS, and that's where it and PHP come into play.

The content types don't work like a WP theme template that you're describing. I think you have two options:

  1. You coordinate with Joubel and enhance the content type in a way that it still doesn't only suit your needs, but those of a general audience, e.g. make things optional. This approach would ensure that you'd benefit from future updates automatically, but it would also limit what you could do.
  2. You make a copy of the content type, rename it and customize it to your needs. You wouldn't have to make any trade-offs. On the downside, you wouldn't benefit from further updates automatically. Someone would have to merge them with your code. Sometimes, git can do this job for you, sometimes a human will have to resolve conflicts.

If you want to give your code to the community, then yes, github would be the right place. You can let Joubel know that there might be an interesting contribution by creating pull requests (ideally one per new feature, not a big bunch of different features). The best way to do this is described in a pull request guide for H5P.