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Hi H5P Team. We have a project that is on a critical path and need your help with cost structure of your H5P.com hosting offering. We have reached out twice but there have been no movement at all. Could you please help?


Our h5p Flashcard has recently stopped working (Since Friday 4 October). Suspicion is that we have 2 versions of Joubel in library, but not sure and if it is the case do not know how to fix. We have other instances of Moodle on the same server and Moodle/h5p version where flashcard works fine. I've attached couple of files showing list of libraries and js error at end, plus csv from query (where library id of Flashcard is 108) that looks OK - matching results of database where flashcard is working.

SELECT * FROM mdl_hvp_libraries_libraries ll

inner join mdl_hvp_libraries l on l.id = ll.required_library_id where library_id = 108 

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Dan Bartlett


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Hi Dan,

Would you mind posting a separate thread for this here, I'm afraid that if the thread becomes long the question above may not get answered. When posting on that thread please provide as much information that is being asked so that it will be easier for the community to answer your question.