Accordion expand/collapse option

Would it be possible to includeon the Accordion resource the option to have the panels expanded or collapsed, or even just a single option to have the first panel expanded?


Auto-expand accordion panel
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This sounds reasonable and would probably be easy to achieve. Thank you for your suggestion.


I took a stab at doing this. I've attached a patch that does the following:

  • 3 options for expanded/collapsed
  • - all expanded
  • - all collapsed
  • - first only expanded
  • option to have multiple panels open instead of just one

I made sure the defaults stay as it currently is so nothing breaks (all collapsed and only 1 panel open at a time).

Please let me know what you think. Thanks.


PS - I'm new to H5P's code, so please be gentle :)

PPS - I changed the 

if (self.$expandedTitle === undefined || !self.$$title)) {

code because I had trouble understanding it.

if ($(this).hasClass("h5p-panel-expanded")) {

was easier for me to understand and step through. There may be reasons why changing this is bad. Thanks.

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Nice work nmillin, would you be able to create a pull request for this on the accordion repository:

If you need any assistance, I can guide you through the process 

Sorry. I replied to the wrong thread.

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Hi nmillin,

I created a Jira task, to reivew your pull request. You can follow it here.

- Tom

Sure Tim.

Let me know if I didn't do a proper pull request. Usually I'm submitting Drupal patches which is a different process. Thanks.

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See my answer above! Always awesome to see pull requests from the community! +1

- Tom