Keeping tabs on H5P Development

tl;dr: I'm looking for something like a weekly/biweekly/monthly digest of H5P development.


I'm a network manager for UW-Madison's pressbooks instance, and folks here use H5P pretty frequently in our pressbooks. As the manager, I'm looking for a consolidated place to track the development of H5P (libraries and the wordpress plugin). I know about the public Jira board, but I'm having a really hard time interpreting the information there, and the goals and roadmap page is great for looking at previous release notes and whatnot, but is there less opaque place to keep track of what features are currently in development to be included in future releases of H5P? 

I guess I'm looking for something like a weekly/biweekly/monthly digest of H5P development. If there isn't one, then I'd also appreciate a sort of walkthrough for the jira board to get a sense for what's currently being worked on/timelines.  

Hope this thread is helpful to others as well!



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Hi Andrew,

You have a good point. Although this may not be an H5P request per se it should help others like how you described it above.

Note: I have moved the post to the Feature Request forum.


Thanks for the validation BV52 :) 

That said, is there anyway to easily get a sense for when the next major releases of H5P projects will be released? I'm thinking the wordpress plugin specifically, but being able to keep track of specific libraries could be useful as well. 

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Hi ajturner3,

In terms of schedule for the release it could be a bit hard to release one. Once the core team has finished creating the fixes and new features/contents it goes through a rigorous testing. If all goes well, the release pushes through but if we find something not working as intended the release gets pushed back. This is the reason why major releases when announced are on a quarterly basis.