Interactive video - Subtitle/CC switch is not displayed on iPad


I use H5P on Moodle 3.5, Interactive Video (1.19.5).

On a interactive video, with 2 quality video, I added 2 vtt file for english e french ("Subtitles" in type). I do not have any problems with browsers on a PC.

The "CC" switch has some strange behavior on mobile:

- iPhone: I see the "More" button (tre vertical point), if I press once I see onle "Video quality" e "Speed" button. If I presso twice, I see also "CC" button. Then, if I select "CC", I can choose language. Finally, I can see correctly subtitles. So, on iPhone, with some problems, I can see subtitles.

- iPad vertical mode - "More" button (tre vertical point)" is displayed. I have to select twice to see "CC" (like iPhone), but then the choice of language does not appear. The video becomes darker (as if the language choice mask appeared). So I can't choose language and I can't see subtitle.

- iPad horizontal - "CC" is not displayed. I see only "Playback rate", "Quality" and "Full screen" buttons. I can't activate subtitle in anyway.

Someone has same problems?

Thank you very much



Subtitle/CC switch is not displayed on iPad
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Hi Roberto,

Thank you for reporting this. There is an exisitng bug report and you can follow the progress here.