Moodle permissions h5p


What is the purpose of  

Restrict access to certain H5P content types mod/hvp:restrictlibraries 

in Moodle user permissions?

Then, we have these 3 permissions:

Create new H5P activites mod/hvp:addinstance   

Install new safe H5P content types recommended by   mod/hvp:installrecommendedh5plibraries

Use restricted H5P content types  mod/hvp:userestrictedlibraries

Would I start here to allow students (role) to create some h5p content types for example?



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The idea behind restrictlibraries is to enable administrators to prevent authors from creating content using certain content types.
But it can also be used to limit what students can create instead.
I believe you would have to give students the addinstance permission to create content, however, installrecommendedh5plibraries and userestrictedlibraries I would at least restrict to teachers or even admin/manager