Course Presentation Objects Trigger iOS Warnings

  1. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (exactly how and when did it happen)

When in full screen mode, pressing more than 3 or 4 objects to navigate to/from slides in Course Presentation triggers a warning from iOS "Typing is not allowed in full screen websites. {This site} may be showing a fake keyboard to trick you into disclosing personal or financial information"

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Safari iOS

H5p 1.11.3


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Hi Akelly,

I am unable to reproduce the issue this issue.

  1. Does this happen on multiple devices? 
  2. Does this issue happen if you try this sample content?



Hi BV52,

Thanks for responding. It happens on multiple devices and it happens on the sample content. Try again with the content in full screen - it has taken between 4 and 10 interactions before the message pops up. Attached is another screenshot of it happening on the sample content this time.  IOS is 12.1