Memory Game "matched" thumbnails not showing in FireFox

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Hi there,

Title says it all. I am attaching 2 screenshots taken from this site's demo page at: that show the problem. Display is OK in Chrome and MS Edge browsers, but not as expected in FF.

BTW, in FireFox the text "A free HTML5-based memory game content type allowing authors etc." at the top of the memory cards is not even displayed. Most strange!

PS It is not clear if bug reports should be created in the H5P forums or attached as comments to an H5P activity.


Bug: Opened cards doesn't show in FF
Content types: 
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Thank you for your bug report. I've re-created the bug, and made a ticket on it in Jira. It will be resolved as soon as possible.

I really appreciate the screenshots! It makes it so easy to find out whats wrong. So an extra thanks for that! :)

The forums is the best place for bug reports. The core team is monitoring them daily.

- Tom

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This issue has been fixed in 9b6b2ba and will be part of the next version of Memory Game. 

Again, thank you for letting us know.