max number of fill in the blanks?

When ever I exceed 20 fill in the blanks, the page will sit on the verification of check until a unrepsonsive error pops up. Is there a limit to the fill in the blanks one can use. It seems like it takes about 10 seconds to check the 20 blanks, anything beyond that does not work. 

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Hi slyder4040,

Theres is maximum number of questions in Fill in the blank and I am unable to reproduce the issue you mentioned above. Can you please check if you will encounter the same issue with this test content.

1. If you encounter the same issue with this test content I suggest that you check your browser logs which may give you an idea what is causing it. Disabling other plugins in the browser can also help you isolate the problem.

2. If you do not encounter the same problem with the test content, if you don't mind please share the link of the content so that we can check.