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If I add a slide to a course presentation, then add a "Fill in the Blanks" question, how does the user progress to the next slide upon entering the correct answer, or back to a particular slide if incorrect? I've built the presentation exactly like your example "Tip of the Week: Gamify your Course Presentations", found at , which uses Activate Active Surface Mode.

If I use "Go to Slide", the user could simply move on regardless if they entered the correct answer.

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Hi Benjamin,

There is no feature in Course Presentation that will let you go to a specific slide depending on your answers. The "How Familiar are you with France" activity uses a combination of Images and Go to Slide on top of it. If you click on the correct answer it is set to go to the next slide. On the other hand if you click on an incorrect answer  it goes to slide 2 (if I'm not mistaken) which only has one option to click on which is to go to the 1st slide and start all over again.


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I'm not familiar with javascript, but surely we could use the result of check to fire off another function?

function check() {
    //validation code
    return true;

function x() {
    if (check()) {
        //check is true, execute this code
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Hi Benjamin!

You can do that using the xAPI statements that H5P fires and you can listen to. The 'completed' statement holds e.g. the score and the maximum score possible.