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my iframe Embedder does no longer embed nor Youtubevideos nor Vimeos. What's wrong?

Thank you


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Hi Stefan,

There are websites that do not let their pages, images, videos etc. to be embedded in an Iframe. Youtube and Vimeo are one of this websites. If you check the browser console you will see an error (screenshot attached), the error message pertains a setting in their site that does not allow their videos used inside Iframes.


Thanks a lot, that's a pitty since youtube and vimeo are really powerful players...anyway, have a good time!

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Hi hsu-luzern!

Have you checked that it's not a Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) issue? There should be a hint to that in the dev console (pressing F12 will reveal it in most browsers). If so, you'll have to configure your webserver to allow embedding content from other servers.


Oh, interesting. And how can I configure the webserver? Thanks a lot


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Hi hsl-luzern!

What does the "Konsole" tab show? Is it a CORS issue?

I am sorry, but we can't provide you with a full tutorial on how to configure Apache, nginx or whatever you're using. Please ask your system administrator. He or she might have to set the access-control-allow-origin header correctly.