H5P.com Trial Application

We're happy to see that you're interested in trying out H5P.com.
To apply for an H5P.com trial please fill out the form below. If your application is approved you get to try out H5P.com for 30 days. You will receive more information on e-mail when your trial starts. We'll do our best to answer as fast as possible and if approved start the trial at the time requested by you.

Due to a large amount of requests for H5P.com we're currently only able to approve a fraction of the applications. When we've fully automated sign-up and payment we'll be able to allow everyone to trial.

Qualification questions
If you're using multiple LMSs, please pick the one you use the most.
We get a lot of trial requests and have trouble following up on every request. Those who choose "Just looking" will be placed on the waiting list for the next version of H5P.com where the sign up and more of the follow up has been automated. We want to spend our resource on organizations who seriously consider to subscribe after the trial.
Please indicate how many organizations members you think will be using H5P.com to create content initially. Currently pricing starts at 49 USD per month for up to 5 authors (10 USD per author per month). The price per author gets much lower for larger accounts and we do offer organization accounts that do not have an author limit. Licenses are currently paid 12 months in advance. (We hope to launch single author accounts soon with a much lower pricing.)