to use the multilang filter in Moodle


What I miss is the multilanguage capability in Moodle to use the multilang filter
would it be possible  to use it for H5P?It would allow to the interactive video texts to be displayed in the language used in Moodle THanks for the great tool!! 


use the multilang filter in Moodle
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Hi cabernat!

Thanks for your suggestion. Anything is possible ;-) We'd have to make sure though that we come up with a general solution, because H5P is used in other learning management systems, too.

On the other hand, H5P is open source software and has a pretty open structure. There's a so called hook named "h5pmods_alter_parameters" that can be used to alter a content type's parameters (text and values, etc. that you entered in the editor) before they are passed to the content type. It should not be hard for someone in the moodle community to customize H5P using this hook to utilize the multilang filter. However, this approach would probably break the ability to share H5P content with others who don't use this customization or don't even use moodle.


I find h5p very flexible in terms of language. Of course, I understand that making an exercise in as many languages as you work with could get very tedious. 

What I miss with h5p not having multilang features are instructions! Therefore, I would suggest having a module or two - text for starters - that would function with or like  multilang. This module would slip into course presentation or column, naturally. Then, non Moodle users would just get rid of it if not compliant or not needed.

I love the idea already. <3

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Hi maude,

Thank you for the input.

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