Plugin vs Webversion



I really like to work with H5p, but I have sometimes a problem to save my data on the h5p server like on the cloud, not on my system. First: What about the Datenschutz who save are the data on h5p_servers?

Second: The Plugin in Wordpress, If I create a presentation with the h5p plugin in my wordpress-blog, do I have all the presentationdata in my blogsystem on my server?



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Hi seidelx!

As you will note by the message above your content when creating it on, the site is meant to be for testing, not for hosting for productive environments. We do not mind if you do, but we hope that you understand that we cannot guarantee 24-7 availability for free.

You will find the link to our privacy policy at the bottom of It is

If you host H5P yourself, all the content will be hosted on your system.