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I appreciate very much iframe Embedder, it's really usefull and it works fine, most of the time.

I have two questions about it:

  1. Some public adresses doesn't work, for example: https://portfolio.switch.ch/view/view.php?id=104015 Can I modify the adress somehow or is it protected
  2. When I embed a google doc / google presentation file it works fine on the computer. On tablet and smartphone (iOS) I can't scroll through the file, it's kind of frozen

Thanks a lot


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Hi Stefan,

1. We are still looking into what may be causing this.

2. I filed a bug report and you can follow the progress here.


Thank you!

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Hi Stefan!

Regarding #1: If you open your iframe embed content type and press F12, you should see an error message that's explaining why the content is not displayed. The server you're trying to embed content from has set the "X-Frame-Options" property to "sameorigin". In other words: It doesn't allow its content to be embedded on other servers. There's nothing H5P can do it that case. You might however ask the server admin to add an extra rule for your site.


Thanks a lot, I will do that.