Problem Activating Translation

Hi, Just translated all the content types, and found that Course Presentation and Question Set would stuck at loading semantics, when picking them from the dropdown menu.  

The way I activated the translation is this: 1. copied the full semantics from the h5p-library, and translated only those label, entities, and descriptions (some defaults under lable as well); 2. Then added {semantics .....} around it and inserted into the h5p-library-language.  This method worked for all other content types.

Could you please take a look of the json files, and let me know if there's anything wrong?  I've checked them against jslint, no error.

And one more probably dump question, I couldn't find the place to translate the dropdown menu, the title "Settings and texts", "Look for more content types in", the word "Add" for "Add items/Questions/line of texts", as shown the screen captures attached.

For 2nd question finding place to tranlate the wrapper contexts, I searched in drupal's language and translation settings as well, couldn't find them either.

Problem resolved.  It's due to the difference between English quotation mark, and Chinese quotation mark, which jslint is not able to detect.  So case closed.  I'll update the json files tranlated earlier to your site