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I wonder if there is a way of using the different content types in H5P directly in Spanish, without the need to translate all the texts manually.

Translating all the text chains from English into Spanish every time you create any H5P content is very time consuming.

I read about H5P translations here in the forums, but I cannot see how to use it in Spanish or other languages.

So, where can I change the language in the authoring interface?

Thank you for the great work! 


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Hi cguerrero, 

The translations are available if you are using one of the supported frameworks (Drupal, Wordpress or Moodle). Concurrently if you are creating your contents in there is a workaround to this to make it easier. If you are creating a content that has a similar content type that you have created, you can simply clone the previous content. This way all the translations that you placed are already there.


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Thank you, BV52