Questionnaire responses in the LRS (learning locker)

We're creating pre and post surveys (using the questionnaire) for a course presentation to see how user's confidence of the subject changes.

We've successfully connected our Opigno LMS (7.x-1.17) to our LRS (learning locker) and are receiving statements just fine about the completion of the questionnaire, but the actual reponses to the questions aren't available.

All that is reported in the 'result' array is:

"result": {
      "completion": true,
      "success": false,
      "score": {
        "max": 10,
        "min": 0,
        "raw": 0,
        "scaled": 0

Is there any extra config to do in setting up the questionnaire or in H5P's settings? Or is this a limitation of the LRS itself? 

Many thanks,


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Hi TomEff,

Unfortunately the xAPI design in Questionnaire isn't very good. When you click an answer an interacted statement is send with the answer you picked, so the data is there, but hard to use. We will add "answered" statements at the end when you submit that will be sent before the completed statement is sent.

Thanks Falcon, also for anyone else coming across this, I had also not enabled the "H5P Tincan bridge" Druapl module, this makes the reporting get a whole lot more data from the H5P elements!

Now, with this enabled, I get a lot more useful statements in the LRS, including the response of the questionnaire (by response ID, not response description which would be ideal for my use case, but still good)!

However, still having some trouble with the part you've highlighted as well. Everytime the user clicks an option on the question, without even submitting the answer, an "interacted" statement is sent, it's difficult to be able to extract the result that was actually submitted.

"Answered" statements would be really useful, either as per question in the questionnaire or as a summary once the whole questionnaire is completed.

Thanks for your time and help!