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I find H5P elements really awsome! I have a problem at the moment with course presentation. My presentation has several qwestions inclusive interactive video. At the end they are rated and the total score out of 100% is shown to the student. But how can I add the feedback there with the result? I want my student to see:

by 50% your level is A2, you can sign up the course 1

by 70% your level is B2, you can sign up the course 3

and so on.

I found in settings the place where I can type in these texts, see the attachment. But my feedback text doesnot appear in the summary slide. What have I done wrong?



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I can see how this is rather confusing, and should be fixed somehow.

If you take a look at the parent group of the expanded options in your "feedback message" screenshot, you can see that it says "Summary feedback", which actually points to customizing the "Summary" content type, not the "Course Presentation" content type.

The "Summary" options that you have filled in actually refers to a Summary content type in Interactive Video, which may or may not be enabled at the end of the video.

 It is unfortunately not possible to give any feedback at the summary slide of Course Presentation, though I think this would be a nice feature!

Hope this didn't add more unnecessary confusion :)

- Thomas

For some reason, I am unable to add the Course Presentation to my Wordpress site. I have added almost all of the other examples successfully but after about ten tries, I still cannot get the Presentation to install. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I suggest grabbing the latest official release of packages from the libraries page, this should resolve any dependency issues you should have. Also make sure you have the latest version of the H5P plugin for wordpress. If you are still experiencing problems please check your console (ctrl + shift + i to brin it up in Chrome) to see if you have any errors that needs to be resolved.