Message does not appear following a wrong answer without setting the "Seek to" time in "Action on wrong".

The feedback (message) does not show after the user answers a single choice question wrongly in the case where the "seek to" time is not set in the "Action on wrong" section (regardless of whether the Retry button is enabled). We simply want to have the Retry and Continue buttons enabled, and if the answer is wrong, the feedback message would appear (then the user would just retry or continue, without auto seeking to some other point in the video). How can this be achieved?

Thank you very much for your kind help.

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There are at least three places you can set the feedback for single choice questions:
1. There's a Tip and feedback section for each alternative.
2. You have the feedback when using adaptivity (adaptivity requires you to seek to another timecode).
3. Under settings and texts you can set the generic feedback for all single choice questions.

I think what you're looking for is something in between 1. and 3., but unfortunately, there is no generic feedback that can be set for all alternatives that won't affect other single choice questions.

Thank you very much for your reply.
Since I do not want the video to jump to another timecode nor have the same feedback for all questions, I guess I will just have to seek a timecode right before the question (when answered wrongly). This way, the question repeats, and that is as close as I could get to what I wanted.

Thanks again!