Course Presentation - Added Pictures later do not display

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In course presentation I've added a bunch of png files. These all displayed and my slide show was looking great with 16 slides in total. I designed this all in Firefox. I went to sleep, then in the morning I came to look at it, and now some of the pictures are just blank when I play the presentation. 

In the builder view, there's a blue question mark where the picture use to sit. All the pictures were there previously, and it played fine for a good couple of hours. A little bit strange many of the added pictures refuse to dispay. Other added elements like audio and the menu on the left display, just all the pictures are gone.

It won't view in Safari (Mac & iPad), Firefox, or Chrome.

You can check out the page here: to see what I mean. The content here is towards the bottom of the page.

Did it display for anybody?

Here's what it looks like for me:

Anyone else encounter this issue?

I'm using the H5P plugin 1.5, and course presentation 1.3 in Wordpress.


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Thanks for reporting. Everytime I click on the I end up at Google. I'm unable to visit the page where the problem is and also unable to reproduce the problem on my own site. Is there something wrong with the link?
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Got access now and all slides have images for both firefox and chrome. Not able to reproduce this problem.
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Yah...I think my issue could have been I created the slides using Safari...Is this a known issue? I've switched to using Firefox, and and it seems to work for me as well. Should Safari be always be avoided? Many thanks for your help and looking into this. Much much appreciated!


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It's not a known problem. You should be able to do safari for creating and using presentations and all other content types. Will test creating presentations with safari later to see if I discover any issues.
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Yes, I've tested it now quite a bit out of Safari...For some reason the button labels in the text editor only appear for me in Firefox (not in Chrome or Safari) for all the questions types...not sure why. But,  I'm sticking with Firefox, and all seems to work well. No problem viewing now or creating. Cheers!