Images not uploaded in Flashcards


I was setting up my usual Flashcard application to help colleagues and myself learn student names quickly, but for some reason files are not uploaded. The message is that the file may be too large. However, the pics are jpegs of around 120 kb each. How is this? Up to now this worked flawlessly and my colleagues expect me to set up the thing again for this year.. 




I tried the same in Firefox. No problems there. So, it appears to be a problem in Chrome. 



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Hi sakejager, 

would you be able to specify the operating system and the version of chrome you are using?

Would you also be able to share any output from the developer console? (by pressing F12)




Here are some details: Chrome version 52.0.2743.116 m on Windows 10 

Log file is attached (not sure if this is the right file). I noticed that, unlike Firefox, Chrome tries to open 'custom file' in Explorer rather than graphics file (jpeg, etc). 


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It sounds like your Chrome installation might be having some issues. You should try upgrading to Chrome 53 and make sure that Chrome is restarted afterwards (chrome://restart in the address bar). Also, make sure that the Chrome is able to display the image by just opening it before it's uploaded to

If still isn't working it could be that one or more Chrome extensions are interfering.