Moodle and H5P ID

In our Moodle instance we have begun to implement embeded H5P content in Lessons, Books, Wikis... (Because Wikis don't allow for IFRAMES we use a GENERICO FILTER and the plugin ID for that purpose.)

When I tried to export a course and import it into another Moodle instance, the IDs of the H5P embeded activities change. Therefore these activities produce an "invalid course id" in  the container Moodle activity. 

Have you come across this problem and how do you solve it?

At the moment we only have a few H5P activities embeded, so it is still feasible to correct the "broken" links by hand. However, when we go ahead as planned, soon there will be many more and correcting the IDs every time we exchange a course won't work again.

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Hi, we are aware of ID problems with embedded H5Ps during backup/restore.
There's an issue in the issue tracker where you can follow along the progress of the issue: Hopefully we'll be able to prioritize this issue soon.