Programmer to set up import


Hello! I am looking for a programmer. I need to import interactive content data from Excel tables to Drupal 7or 8 (theoretically it can be an import from Mysql tables also). I need to import: 1)interactive content 2)translations. Can you help me with it? How much will be the price? As for media, files, images, video, audio I can load them on the server and I want to use in the source table just the name of already uploaded before file if it is possible. If not we can use the other way.

Content types: 

1)Course presentation (including Multiple Choice, Mark the words, Drag the word)

2)Question set

3)Dialog Card, Flashcards

If possible secondly Speak the Words Set, Accordion, Find Multiple Hotspots, Memory Game, interactive video

I think of 3 possible ways:

1)Migrate Drupal module

2) Feeds + JSON Import module

3)custom module

Or other