Can I bulk add flashcards from Excel?


Is it possible to bulk add data from Excel to make flashcards?


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Hi finkingcap,

I'm afraid this is not possible.


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depending on how far your technical knowledge goes, you can use the tool I wrote for this purpose (still work in progress). It's written in NodeJS and you'll find it at GitHub. It expects CSV files with the headings 'question' and 'answer' that are separated by semi-colons. Optionally, you can specify columns with 'tip' and 'image' (urls). The actual creation process works, but it's not possible to pass in parameters at the command line, as there are some issues with a libraries I'm using that need to be fixed. So you'll have to replace the 'test/flash1.csv' file with your file and it will always emit 'test.h5p'.

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Thank you for the suggestion serettig.

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I've worked on this a bit and now you can actually properly start the program from the command line. These are the steps to run it:

  • install NodeJS
  • clone the repository
  • in the command-line at the directory you've cloned the repository into:
  • run npm install
  • run npm run build
  • run npm run h5p-creator --help and npm run h5p-creator flashcards --help to see what options you can specify.
  • example: npm run h5p-creator flashcards ./myflashcards.csv ./outputfile.h5p -l=de -n="Meine Karteikarten"

It will download a fresh copy of the current Flashcards module from the H5P hub, parse the CSV file and put its content into the specified output file. I know running this is a bit technical, but if you've got lots of content to convert, I guess it's worth the effort to get this running.

I have been trying to convert a csv to h5p using the cli-creator tool mentioned above. The github install instructions and commands are easy enough to execute. I get the output.h5p file as specified on github but when I go to import it into wordpress the file does not validate! Even extracting the archive files and changing a single question/answer by hand throws dozens of failed validations when uploading.

What am I missing here???

Has there been an update to h5p that makes the cli-creator obsolete? 

I have tens of thousands of flashcards that I would like to import and doing this all by hand is out of the question. Please help!

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How are you compressing your zip file?  What OS or command line switches are you using?  Depending on what you are using I can give you the commands that should work.