Interactive Video - Results Summary

Hi All

First off, great product! I have been using it on a moodle site.

Just a request (I am not too sure if it has been requested yet, no search function on this forum).

It would be great if there could be a results page for all the questions added throuought the video. The grade gets saved in the moodle gradebook so I know it exists, there is the summary task but was after more of an overview of questions asked throughout the video.

If this is already in place my apologies, but I dont see it as of yet.



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Hi, and thank you!

Currently, this doesn't exist but I know we've had multiple requests for this feature. Some people hook up LRS systems to the xAPI events coming from the H5P content and stores all of the information that way. But yes, it would be easier for lots of people if it was possible to review this through the gradebook. 

So, it is on the wish list but it may take some time before someone starts working on it as funded features usually are prioritized.

Thank you for taking an interest!