White Space at the bottom of an iframe embed

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I successfully embedded on of my exercises into my blogging community (powered by Lithium), but I noticed that at the bottom of the exercise there's a good deal of white space between the bottom of the exercise and my text.  I've checked the HTML and there isn't any code after </iframe> that would create this space on my side.  Is there anything that can be done to get rid of this space?

Here's what it looks like on my site.

Appreciate the help!




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Hi Michael,

Since the download/embed button are not showing, I'm not really sure if the white space is within the frame or outside of it. Could you try enabling it to see if it will show near the text or near the content. If it shows near the text you just need to adjust the size of the frame.


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Here's what the page looks like with the download/embed buttons showing.  There's still a good chunk of white space for some reason.

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Hi Michael,

Have you checked that the resizing script part of the embed code is available on your page? Some text editors may automatically strip it away.

If it is gone one way of fixing it is to just always include it in your theme.

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You're probably on to something there, ICC.  I manually stripped out the script code because our community only allows for iframe embed code.  Maybe I'll talk to our development guys and see if we can add the full code from H5P to our site.  The site is powered by the Lithium platform.

Thanks for that info,