Icons/images missing from creation tools

Hi Everyone,

I have just installed Drupal, installed the H5P module, and uploaded the .h5p all-content type flle. When I begin to create resources, I find there are many icons missing (see screenshot). Does anyone know what has happened here? Thanks, I am looking forward to testing this tool.

Icons missing from H5P


Simon Lismann

Deakin University

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Could you please check the browser's JavaScript console for any errors? Also, which browser and version are you using?

Hi fnoks,

All browsers, and no console errors. Please take a look:

http://h5p-test.deakin.edu.au (username: fnoks - password: fnoks123). try a course presentation.

I had to turn off some PHP settings to make Drupal work on our Virtual Host environment, so I have attached the .htaccess file (as .txt.), in case one of these PHP settings is causing the issue. Change the file extension to .rtf to make it more readable.

Thanks, Simon.



Hi all,

I found an .htaccess file in /site/default/files an once I updated that... the images started working.


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Great to hear it worked out :)