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Hello all - I am new to H5P and wish to finish my English language Assessment site with the use of an site-based ORAL skills assessment interview. Is it possible to upload to our pages 1) a set of pre recorded (MP3/4) interview questions  2) simple JPEG pictures as part of a question set  3) a simple audio recorder where students may record their answers using simple >speak>pause>save buttons and send the finished interview answers to a repository where we can retrieve them and assess them for return.  This will be the final part of the test and I understand the other written test formats (multi choice etc) are already available.


many thanks


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Yeah, the features for letting the learner record his audio and send it to a repository is missing. This is something that will have to be developed as a new content type that for instance can be added to presentations and questionsets. It currently isn't on our roadmap.