Course Presentation - Audio

When adding audio to the Course Presentation, if I select Player Mode: Full the audio shows up as a black square. Also, Player Mode: Minimalistic and Enable Controls does not show the controls.

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Yes, the options "Player Mode: Full" and "Fit to wrapper" are incompatible. "Player Mode: Minimalistic" and "Enable Controls" are incompatible as well. There is a need for a conditional removal of the incompatible options when "Player Mode: Full" or "Player Mode: Minimalistic" is chosen. This can be accomplished by creating an editor widget for this, similar to what has been made with the radio selector widget.

Can you create an issue for this in the h5p-audio respository on github for reference ?

Okay. I did that. I noticed that this project had zero stars, so I starred it. Can I suggest that other people do the same. The more popular H5P appears, the more momentum and trust it will have.

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I absolutely agree, of course :)