Question Set in Opigno


I use the opigno Learning Management System.

I have created a H5P content of the type "question set".

My question set has got 5 multiple-choice questions.

The user starts the opigno Lesson by pressing the "Start Opigno Lesson button".
He answered the first of five H5P-questions correctly and click the H5P check button.

The system says: "Right!".

Now my user have two options:

a) he clicks the H5P-arrow button to the right (and answers the next question) or

b) he clicks the opigno Finish button.

When he clicks on the opigno Finish button he gets - though he only answered one question correctly - a score of 100. That's not correct!

How can I force the user to anwer all questions from the question set

or how can I configure the system to calculate the correct result

or how can I hide the "opigno Finish button" until my users all questions answered?



thomasmars's picture

I'm not familiar with the Opigno setup, but I believe that removing the "opigno finish button" would be your easiest option here. I think you will have the highest chance of getting an answer for this by talking to someone more experienced with Opigno. Your two options would probably be to create a hook for removing this button or building an integration with Opigno.