Documentation Tool problems with Document export

I’m a new H5P user just getting started with the Documentation Tool, and am encountering what look like a couple of bugs. I’m seeing these problems when creating interactions on, and with the WordPress plugin, and with the Moodle plugin. Anyone should be able to verify these behaviors by using the interaction at, or by creating their own Documentation Tool interaction.

I’ve attached images to show the problems. DocToolBug_image1.png shows a display problem with the Standard Page: Special characters like apostrophes aren't rendered properly in placeholder text of Standard Page text entry screen.

DocToolBug_image2.png shows the source for a problem that is evident in Image 3 and Image 4: After entering Goals on a Goals Page, all of those show up in the proper order on the Goals Assessment Page, and are available to rate. The Goals Assessment Page does not report any errors when a user declines to enter a rating for that entry. (Personally, I don’t see a problem with that, for my intended usage of the Documentation Tool.) In my example, I rated my first Goal entry as “learned a lot”, my fourth Goal entry as “learned something” and my fifth Goal entry as “learned little.” I chose not to rate my second, third, and sixth Goal entries.

DocToolBug_image3.png shows the problem: On the Documentation Export Page, only Goal entries to which I've assigned ratings will appear. The order of presentation is “Learned little” first, “Learned something” second, and “Learned a lot” last. Unless I'm misunderstanding the intended use of the Documentation Tool, the omission of Goals entries that have not been assigned a rating seems like a bug. (If for some reason that's actually the intended behavior, it might be a good idea to clarify that in the editing screens.)

DocToolBug_image4.png: Likewise, in the version that is downloaded as a Word document (.docx) extension when “Export text” is clicked, only the Goal entries to which I’ve assigned ratings are displayed (my first, fourth, and fifth entries). As an additional point of confusion, the order of presentation is reversed from the screen’s display: for the downloaded file, “Learned a lot” entries appear first, then “Learned something” entries, and finally “Learned little” entries. This seems to me to be the preferable order for pedagogical purposes.

As someone whose goal is to create learning interactions that encourage thoughtful open-ended responses, the Documentation Tool seems to hold a lot of promise. I’m very happy to read on Falcon’s recent update ( that improving it is a current priority. Likewise, I’m happy to see that the Interactive Video interaction will soon have capabilities both for saving open-ended answers, and for providing an “end screen” where all a user’s responses on an Interactive Video activity will be displayed. I see that all these improvements were anticipated for “late February or early March” and am hoping the dev teams are just about ready to roll them out.

I’d also like to mention that some ideas for the Documentation Tool that were discussed in another thread about a year ago ( also look very good to me. I’d love to see the capability for asking users to set goals for themselves before completing an activity, then assessing afterward how well they did in achieving those goals. For this and related purposes, I think it'd be great for the Documentation Tool to save responses to the user's record, in addition to writing them into a file as is currently possible.

Thanks to the dev team for all you're doing, and to the entire H5P community for working together toward the ongoing improvement of this great learning content tool!


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Hi Jim,

Welcome to H5P!

Thank you for the well written review/report it helps a lot :-)

I'll try to answer these one by one.

  1. Apostrophe issue - Filed a bug report here.
  2. Goals not exported - This is a known issue and I have reported this here.
  3. Order of the report and doc - Filed a bug report here.
  4. For the updates I'll get back to you on this. I'll ask feedback from the Core team.

Furthermore thanks a lot for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.

Thank you for the kind words we really appreciate it :-)



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Hi Jim,

Just a few updates:

3. should be resolved now.

4. We are still testing both features and we should be able to release them next month. In terms of re-doing everything you actually don't have to. You would just need to insert the new feature wherever in the video it is needed. We make sure that all updates are backward compatible and can be used immediately as to not affect contents that were made prior to the update.