Interactive video - drag and drop question types not able to be dragged in Google Incognito mode


I've been unable to successfully complete interactive video drag and drop question type whilst browsing in incognito mode. Works fine in Firefox Private Window.

Anyone else encountering this?




This might be in wrong forum and may need to go to bugs

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I tested this in Google Chrome 51, and was not able to reproduce it. I tested using this Interactive Video: (Drag and Drop at 0:45). Some questions to you:

  • What exactly fails?
  • Which version of Google Chrome are you using?
  • Do you see any errors in the JavaScript console?


I've run through this straight from Google. I can see the drag and drop interaction does work.

The setup we've used at our end (my apologise for not fronting this information) is we're running H5P on Moodle 3.1. I was able to make it fail, unable to duplicate this morning though.

The interaction is an interactive video with a drag and drop interaction type towards the end of the video. For the moment please consider this resolved. I'll be trying to replicate the issue encountered and I'll update with better information if I find anything.


Thanks for your help


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Please add a comment here if you stumble across it again!