Several requests & comments regarding H5P on Moodle


While working with H5P for Moodle for the last 6 months adn creating lots of content, I wrote some comments that I thought are worth sharing, mostly about the 'Interactive Video' and 'Course Presentation' tools. Some of these comments can be classified as requests and others as necessary fixes. Before I start, a few technical details:

I'm working on H5P for Moodle running Windows and Chrome on a desktop (as most of my content consumers, either running Windows & Chrome or iOS and Safari).

Comments about 'Course Presentation':

  1. Priority: When I add questions (singles choice, multiple choice and others) I usually "strech" the question window ('poster') to fill the entire screen. But when a user watches the video, and especially in full screen mode, the question window is much smaller usually placed in the top left corner of the screen. Usually it looks bad and crops some of the answers...
  2. Priority: In 'course presentation' there are no speed controls like in 'interactive video', and there's no option for text tracks (subtitles, captions etc).
  3. Priority: In 'single choice' questions, there is no option for scrolling down in the question window like in 'multiple choice', so long answers are cropped.
  4. Editing windows are "popups within popups" that are getting smaller the deeper you go... For example, editing a 'drag and drop' inside an 'interaction video' that is placed in one of the slides, makes the editing very difficult as the window is tiny and it's hard finding the correct "done" button (hope I explained myself well enough).
  5. Adding a 'video' (not 'interactive video') to one of the slides makes it possible for the users to download the video, even though the moodle checkbox 'download button' is unchecked. Adding the same video using the 'interactive video' (still in 'course presentation') component does not have that problem.
  6. Videos added to course presentations are not displayed on the entire screen but instead have black bars on the sides. This is caused, I believe, as a result of the bottom navigation bar (which is quite big) and player controls. Is it possible to have them drop down automatically when the video plays, and appear again when the cursor is moved, like on YouTube?

Other general comments:

  1. Whether its in an 'interactive video' or 'course presentation' containing videos, I would like to be able to create question sets made of different types of questions. For example: 'multiple choice' followed by a 'drag and drop text' followed by a 'single choice'. Right now If I want them in succession there has to be a one second interval between them in the video.
  2. It would be nice to have control over the shuffling of the answers in 'single choice set' and 'multiple choice' questions (to be able to turn it off).
  3. The summary task in both of the 'interactive video' and 'course presentation' is 'statements' only. I would like to intergrate 'single choice', 'multiple choice' and other kinds as well.

Looking forward to the next updates.





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Hi uriyam,

First off thank you for the well written review. 

Let me try to answer or at least find a solution for us in some of the things that you mentioned:

Course Presentation:

  1. I've been trying to reproduce the issue with full screen but I am unable to do so. Would you care sharing a sample content and a screnshot so that we can check. May I also know the version of H5P and the IV library that you have in Moodle? 
  2. Are we talking about the video option in CP. Afaik there is an option to place subtitles both in video and IV for CP. You are correct though that there are no speed controls for video.
  3. This is a known issue. I have reported this and you can follow the progress here.
  4. Item #1 in the Roadmap of upcoming major features is set to take care of this concern.
  5. Yes this is actually in the code of the video component. Thank you for pointing this out, do you think an option in its settings to disable this would be a good plan moving forward?
  6. A very good suggestion.

Other general comments:

These are very good suggestion! :-)

Again we can't thank you enough for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.


Hi BV52,

Thank you for the quick and detailed response :)

1. Sharing the content from our Moodle is impossible at the moment, but here are some screenshots to illustrate the problem. 

CP editing - stretching the question poster to full size:


I tested this issue on the H5P website instead of Moodle (, and the problem did not appear. Is it possible that the CP on Moodle isn't up to date as the CP on

My H5P version is XXXXX and Moodle version is XXXX (What do you mean by IV library version?)

2. Yes, sorry, I was referring to the two video options in CP. Same as #1, I tested it on the H5P website and saw that there is an option to add subtitles and to control the speed of the video. 

 3 +4. Great, thanks!

5. One of the reasons we use H5P is it's 'easy-download' block capabilities. So In my opition, an option to disable the download of a video is necessary. 

6. Would love to see it happen, as well as the general suggestions :)



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Hi Uriya,

You can find the list of libraries and versions by going to Site Administration -> Plugins -> H5P libraries. From the looks of it the H5P installed in Moodle is not the latest version. I would suggest that you update them and the fastest way to do so is by downloading a sample content in I have one such content that I use to update my libraries mainly CP, you can download it here.

Try this first and then try editing one of your contents that is having the issue (without actually changing anything). If it gets resolved go to the libraries page I mentioned above and click on the button to update cache.



Our moodle version is 3.2 and the H5P version is 1.4. 

Is the curret H5P version 1.5? And does it comply with Moodle 3.2? Will the new H5P release comply with Moodle 3.2?


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Hi Uriya,

The latest version of H5P is 1.7 and it is compatible with Moodle 2.7 and up. I suggest that you upgrade the version of H5P. To do this you have to go to Site Administration -> Plugins -> Plugins overview then click on check for available updates (please note that it may be slightly different from your side since I'm using Moodle 3.4)


Alright, will do.

thank you!