Pre-K Mouse and Mobile-friendly Games

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Hello H5P Community,

Please have a look at these games for pre-K / early years children.  

They are mouse or finger-driven, and teach colors, numbers, amounts, shapes, phonics and more.

Any constructive feedback is much appreciated!


Thank you, 

Avi Megiddo

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Hi Avi!

I think the bananas on slide 3 could use transparency. Slide 4 is hilarious!


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Hi Avi,

Here are some comments from my daughter :-)

Crocodiles starts with a C I had to explain that's an alligator. The next question was where is the cat (she likes cats) ;-) . Aside from that she liked the activities and said why didn't we had those when she was in preschool.

Nice work and thank you for sharing.


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Hello BV52, 

Thank you so much for your comments.  I have made some changes accordingly.  Now the 'A' animal is 'Ant'.  Any others feedback/ideas are much appreciated. Cheers.

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Great exercises, thank you :)