Questions don't show at all


I used to create questions very instinctively. I must admit I've created any new ones for a while. Anyhow, 

all the questions (whatever the H5P type) I create don't show when I click on "start the lesson". All is left to see is the bar menu "step 1 of 1" and "back", "leave blank and finish" and finish". 

Am I leaving onething out? I've compared with the other courses and questions I created in the past and still work properly and I can't see any difference. 

Do you have any ideas that come to mind straightaway, please? 

Many thanks for your help. 


The situation has got worse. Now none of the questions I have created show when clicking "start lesson". Yesterday, I went on H5P Librarries I clicked on the upgrades. I reckon that's the cause. This morning my platform is unusable. It's a huge problem for me as I use H5P on a daily basis with my students. Can anybody help, please? 

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Do you have a link to your page, or can you elaborate on your setup ?

What other modules/activities are you using? what content types are you using? what system/platform are you using ? And how exactly are you using these together ?

Thanks, Thomas